Powerfull amplifier based on the Hypex UcD-700.
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MaximonO mono amplifier

Top of the range mono amplifier based on UcD-700HG Class D module.

Also fitted with the highgrade powersupply and a pair of WBT-0765 loudspeaker connectors and ofcourse the 12V trigger to compare it with our Mini Pre-Amp.

It's possible to order this amplifier for the UK and Australia, special transformers ( 240 Volt ) in stock.

Rated Power : 650W/4 Ohm, 350W/8 Ohm
Input : Neutrik® XLR for balanced line operation
Output : WBT Gold plated speakerterminals
Features : 12V trigger input
Weight : 8 Kg
Size : 335mm x 260mm x 110mm (LxWxH)

Price : € 1600,00 including 19 %VAT

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